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Work from anywhere anytime!

Work from anywhere anytime!

What do Uber, Deliveroo, and Upwork have in common? They are all part of the gig economy where workers get paid for the "gigs" they do, such as food delivery or a car journey.

The future is here.  Flexible and short-term jobs are commonplace. 

Indeed a study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40% of American workers would be independent contractors. 

Workers can select among temporary jobs and projects around the world, while employers can choose the best individuals for specific projects from a larger pool than that available in any given area.

We have a transitioned to a place where workers expect more flexibility.

Flexible work can be working from home. However, working on your own doesn't mean you need to be alone. You can also do coworking.

Coworking refers to the concept of being co-located in a building but working on your projects.

It creates a community of like-minded people and foster collaboration and connection.

It's rapidly growing industry around the world, while still emerging.

There are major coworking chains including WeWork, Spaces, and Impact Hub that offer a single workplace.

Some startups are offering something different, like Croissant.

Croissant is a monthly coworking membership that gives entrepreneurs access to hot desks at the best workspaces in cities all over the world.

If you're always traveling around the city and want to be more productive between meetings or need coworking space for a few hours per month, this is for you!

Croissant can be used in over 500 spaces in 70+ cities all over the world.  I highly recommend it! I used Croissant in Amsterdam, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles so far.

Do you want to try? 

Click here and get a free week trial plus $20 off your first month of Croissant (new members only)! 

Happy Coworking!

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