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The Goldup

The Goldup

10 years challenge!

Ten years ago when I was 20, I was attending business school in Rennes, and I was already an entrepreneur. I was a proofreader for a marketing agency based in Paris.

I was looking for a summer job and found this opportunity online. I did not know back then, but I was already a successful entrepreneur: I set up a business by taking on a risk and became instantly profitable.

It became difficult for me to handle group assignments, lectures, internships and travels all at once, so I decided to close my business to continue my studies.

Funny enough, 10 years later I’m in a similar position: I am happy to announce that I will be part of  “the Goldup,” a program dedicated to helping women starting their online business.

It is created and hosted at the Family, a VC fund that raised EUR 17. 4 million in 2018 to support European startups.

The Goldup has a first successful edition in Berlin in the spring and the second edition is being held in Paris.

It is made by feminist entrepreneurs, for women willing to build a profitable and sustainable business.

Why women only?

As Alice Zagury, CEO at The Family explained, it’s frustrating to be a female entrepreneur as when you take calculated risks, you need to prove that you are smart and capable as well!

All summer long as a “goldie,” I will attend courses about sales, branding, advertising, operations from successful startup female founders.

There are also “goldmothers” that will guide and share their knowledge with goldies.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Alice and Claudette Lovencin from Fempo, a startup that sells period proof underwear.

The company has a turnover of nearly EUR 1 million a year, 2 years after being founded, all this selling directly to the consumer online with no retailers. Such an inspiration!

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