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How to gain more followers on Instagram?

How to gain more followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a critical social media platform whenever you want to increase your personal brand or start a direct-to-consumer business.

Since I get many compliments for my business account @femmefataleco, I get asked this question a lot.

My first recommendation is to advise against buying followers as this will not bring commitment in the long run, and you want to grow a community on this platform.

There are no magic tricks or secret recipes, but you do have to put in some work.

Plus, you have to keep in mind that this is a long term job. Think 6-12 months to grow a following of around 2K for a small business. 

Also, Instagram is a platform that is continuously evolving and growing. You will need to keep track of any updates and new trends.

That is why some techniques may work at a given time but will cease to be efficient in the long run.

Therefore, here are some techniques on how to get more followers on Instagram:

  • Have a short and clear bio. If you have a business, just explain what you are doing. I described @femmefataleco as an online shop where you can find sustainable and women-led brands. You can also add a hashtag as well as an emoji to make it more relevant and eye-catching!

  • Have a niche. A niche on Instagram is the target market of your account or business. Niches are essential and successful if they are authentic by generating feelings and connection. This translates into well-written captions. For my account @femmefataleco, my niche is fashion and more specifically sustainable fashion.

  • Have a theme. Humans are visual creatures, and it is especially true on Instagram. When people are landing on your Instagram page, they want to see a beautiful feed with well-curated pictures. Create a mood board to figure out what your theme is. Try to work with a graphic designer or do you it yourself if you have the skills. For my account @femmefataleco, the theme is Warm and Artsy with a mix of orange and green tones.

  • Post new pictures regularly. I post 1 per post day on @femmefataleco, and you can post up to 3 posts per day. More than 3 posts per day would be considered spamming by your followers.

  • Add location to your picture. Depending on the location of your post, you can reach more people. It is crucial for an e-commerce business primarily if you ship internationally. So add a location to your posts so that more people can find your account!

  • Tell a story.  You don’t need to post perfect pictures to get engagement from your followers. What is important is telling a story, so that you inspire people through your photos. This is particularly true for a business. For my account @femmefataleco, I discussed things related to Slow Fashion, as well as Sustainability, Feminism, Slow Living, and Climate Change.

  • Use some hashtags. A hashtag is a word preceded by # that is used to identify a message on a specific topic. The hashtag is used to draw attention, to organize, and to promote. Up until recently, it was highly recommended to include at least 15-30 hashtags in the caption of your post. However, the reach of hashtags has now decreased considerably. So I would advise to add around 5-7 relevant hashtags in your caption maximum.

  • Proactively engage with your followers AND your following. Please don’t put a post or a story and expect people to like and comment out of nowhere. To generate engagement on your post, you first need to engage with your followers. For my account @femmefataleco, I spend 3-4 hours doing so daily. I comment on my followers’ post, react to their stories as well, reply to their comments on my posts and the private messages they send me.

The most important technique is…

  • Follow the method. I learned a lot by following and replicating techniques of accounts that have a high engagement rate. (An engagement rate is the level of interactions that a post receives on Instagram. It’s the ratio of likes and comments compared to the number of followers) @garyvee advised not to include hashtags to posts anymore. @kyliejenner is consistently advertising her products on her stories. @arianagrande is posting pictures at least twice a day on her feed.

And voila, these are my techniques to get more followers on Instagram. Feel free to follow my account @femmefataleco to replicate my techniques.

Happy Double Tapping!

Work from anywhere anytime!

Work from anywhere anytime!

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