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Dry January 

Dry January 

Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol during the month of January. It is mainly practiced in the UK but quickly spread to other countries.

Like many others Brits, I also stopped drinking. Indeed I have been sober for a month now. My last drink was on Christmas ‘eve last year. As I was drinking my last glass of champagne for 2017, I took the resolution to quit drinking for a whole year. I quickly adjusted my goal to the only month of January when I realized how challenging this decision was going to be.

Indeed, for every event we go to from birthdays to weddings, alcohol is generally involved but also even for regular outings with friends, especially as a French person when you have to pair the wine with the main course you’re eating at the restaurant.

At times it was difficult, sometimes even awkward  to remove myself from situations where I could have been tempted, facing confused looks from friends as I was explaining why I was doing a “Sober January”.

During this month, I noticed some changes in my day-to-day routine. I slept better, felt more energized, have been exercising almost daily but more importantly I rediscovered a need for some authentic flavors.

All in all, I was more conscious and aware of my body and its capabilities and became determined to continue to pursue this healthy lifestyle. It had also some effects on my wallet as a ginger beer (0% alcohol) is definitely cheaper than a glass of Saint-Emilion! Not spending money on alcohol meant that I got to try treat myself a little bit more!

Now that the month is over, I’m ready to continue for as long as I can. I want cherish that first drink, toasting for a special occasion. What would it be? A new deal, a new addition to the family or just ringing the New Year in style! Let’s see !